Cool Investments

Doing a whitelabel design, the right way


Cool Investments approached us with the challenge of creating a white-label design that could be seamlessly implemented across the webshops of Coolcat, America Today, and MS Mode.


We needed to come up with a Design System that would work for all the webshops, this while still maintaining their unique tone of voice. Our first step involved conducting a thorough UX audit to pinpoint any existing issues across the current websites.


Guess what? We came up with a fantastic cross-shop design system that can be used across all three webshops. But that's not all! We also did a complete makeover of key pages within their customer (shopping) experience.

Creating a white label website for Coolcat, America Today and MS Mode, which makes the website easier to maintain for developers and takes a unified design approach as we only need to make one design that covers three websites at once.

Our client, Cool Investments, is a fashion group which consist of three brands: MS Mode, America Today & Coolcat. Each have their own unique identity and brand image: Coolcat has a target audience of children and teens, America Today young adults & MS Mode focuses on women with sizes from 40 to 54. Even though the brands all belong to the same investment group, all of them were built separately, with a focus on their own unique look and feel.

As it left a lot of work for the development team to maintain and build on top these different brands, it was decided to take a white label approach and use one codebase for all three websites.

This is were we came in to design some new pages like the product lister and detail pages.

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Creating a design system
for easy management

We set out to create a design system so we could simplify our workflow, reuse as many components as possible and use the correct fonts, colors and icons throughout the entire design of the website.

Analysing what could be improved
in the current website(s)

Through an extensive UX audit we mapped out all things that could be improved on the current website(s). We made a distinction between some items that could be improved quickly through some small tweaks and the pages that needed a full redesign.

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